I Celebrate Myself…

Ladybugs at 1 in the Morn’

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Lady Bug in Hand

A ladybug landed on my shirt two nights ago. My sister pointed it out to me and I was immediately in awe! Why you ask? First, although it might sound “dweebish,” ladybugs are my favorite insects and secondly, I knew it signified something good! It was 1 in the morning and we were in the living room, what is the likelihood of that happening to me. It had interesting colors: one side was yellow-greenish with black dots and the other side was red with black dots; the head was a greenish color–how cool is that?! It stayed on me for a very long time. I took pictures of it on my hand, my fingers, on a leaf…. My sister thought I was insane, but for a person who is trying to grow spiritually and figure “ish” out, I knew that the Universe was speaking to me


Author: ngalanjala

I Have Learned So much from God That I can no longer Call Myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist, a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself A man, a woman, an angel, Or even pure Soul. Love has Befriended Hafiz so completely It has turned to ash And freed Me Of every concept and image My mind has ever known. ~ Hafiz ~

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