I Celebrate Myself…

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Maintaining Balance

I am have only been operating on five hours of sleep today, and I did surprisingly well. This morning I felt tempted to sleep in and catch up on sleep. I worked out instead.  For the past three weeks I have been avergaging 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Last night was a different story.  I did not have adequate sleep nor did I do my nightly yoga ritual–I am harboring on being unbalanced again.  

My goal is to leave work as soon as I complete this blog entry, go to Borders for a few minutes, and then make my way home!


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When Losing Weight Boobs Are the First to Go!

Yeah, I said it. I am losing weight. I am on my third week and I have lost six pounds so far… mostly in the chest and back. I am happy of course for health reasons.  I just wished it left my belly, first, but being thankful is of course the very yogic thing to do.

As always I wish I had more opportunities to write everything I want to on this blog, but the comp. is sick and I am too broke to buy another one.  As I type I realise that my more recent blog entries have included a line about the lack of having a computer;  I will try to restrain myself with the next entry.

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On Beauty…and Acceptance

I have been waking up at 5 in the morning to workout. I have said this before, but this time I am slowly getting there–I am seeing the transition not only in my body, but also in mind. Below are a couple of things that I’ve thought to myself  and wished that I had my laptop right there (to blog) on the train, on my way to the gym:

1. Closed my eyes for a couple of minutes on the train trying to compose myself and visualise my day, and when I opened my eyes one of the most beautiful sunrises greeted me. It took me by surprise.

2.  Sat across from a transgendered person, and as we sat across from each other I thought to myself, ” Woman you are one brave one! It takes a lot of  guts just to be you–to put on that lipstick and paint those nails, not matter how many people stare. I both celebrate you and envy that fierceness!”

3. While reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith, I became  nostalgic for a moment, missing my books and how I have another copy of the book locked up in storage in Maryland. I remembered how Howards Endwas stuck in that prison, too. Zadie Smith payed homage to E.M. Forster in writing On Beauty, and I so missed my own copies.

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From the Soul

I started out this morning with some yoga ( my arms are getting stronger), some green tea and resounding oms from my core. This is the second day of my five day detox and I have done this before, but I am going to try and try until I connect fully to the true essence of myself.  Those terms, are, I know very general–what is ” the true essence of self?”  Not sure if it’s something that can be defined, really.  It is a feeling, and I guess putting it in words would just simplify the meaning.

On another note, I have decided that I totally adore Isabel Allende. I perused Borders yesterday, after work, and although I know her books, I can say that I really appreciated her, for the first time, yesterday. She is a talented writer, but more importantly, for me, she write from her soul. It really helped that for the first time, in a long time, that particular store had most of her books on the shelves.

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The Bad Girl

I finished The Bad Girl  this morning, on the train–one stop before the stop I get off for work , and it was pretty good.  Just like other books I complete, I wanted to talk about this tormented love story immediately, as well as Llosa’s style of writing, but no face connected to my desire for dialogue–they were in the middle of their own stories.