I Celebrate Myself…

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Time in Power

There’s a moment when realization comes
That where you are is where you should be
And gratitude surrounds you

In this stillness I have come to that realization
Embracing me
Accepting me

I have found compassion within

Acknowledging all
For beauty reigns true
And true love — Self Love, is supreme
Copyright © 2010 RNLH


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Phenomenal Woman

I feel a surge of gratitude for a special someone at the moment and it is to my dear Aunt Pat. She is my biggest and probably the only fan of my blog… but I digress. I heart her, and her passion for change. I met her while visiting a friend on the West Coast, about five years ( five years ago?! wow!) ago. She is really my friend’s aunt, but I have adopted her as my own, or maybe it was the other way around?  We immediately connected on many different levels when we met. I am planning on visiting my friend and her family again in May and I cannot wait for the great conversations and the laughs. So, here’s to Aunt Pat — a phenomenal woman.

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Happy Place

It’s 2:20 in the morning and  I am keeping myself up, although I know that I should have been in bed about three hours ago. What makes it worse is that I am suppose to be taking care of my body and nurturing it. This is not good, but I also wanted to quickly write this down and capture what I just experienced after thinking about, briefly, my trip to Istanbul and how happy I was. I am noticing that that experience is my go-to “happy place” in my mind…I wish I were there,but  I am also happy to here in this moment.

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It’s Sunday, the beginning of my second week of detoxing. Having done this detox before, I have noticed that the last day or evening is the time when I am most tempted. This happened last night, as well, when a friend invited some friends and I over to her place for dinner. Although it wasn’t  the last week of my program, it was the end of the week and the dinner was very vegan (which was very nice of my friends to appease me), minus the Tiramisu.  My friends tempted me with the cake and I did not give in. I was successful, I think… minus the vegan/gluten-free marshmallows, I ate, that one of our friends brought for me to have for dessert…that seemed to have a lot of sugar in it.

So, today, I continue, into my second and last week in the program. In this second half, I look to not only shed physically, but to also shed some material things: clothes, magazines, mail that I did not look through, and more. The thing is, there is so much to do. Yesterday I volunteered and the day went by so fast that everything that is on my weekend “To do” list is packed in for today!  So, this part in the shedding process will be weeklong, or maybe even longer…Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor did all the stuff I aquired happen during that time.


To Shed

Currently listening to Adele’s cover of the Dylan classic “Make You Feel My Love” and maybe this is what I am seeking to feel: that great love within, most of all, but also in people and this world, to be honest. So, although I do not expect to find all that I am looking for immediately, I’ve decided and have begin,today, a two-week detox– a diet that is gluten-free,wheat free and vegan. I’ve done this before and I am doing it again, ’cause I think my body needs it, I think I need it.
I hope to do more writing, more stretching, more water, more sleeping, as well as staying away from as much toxicity as I possibly can. I deactivated my Facebook account and haven’t figured if I will be writing on this blog everyday or not, and I think I will stay away from the television as much as possible. I find myself keeping myself up even though I am really tired at night. I will be journaling thoughts and emotions, without filter because writing fuels me.

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Slowly, Surely…Hopefully.

I’m in a place called Texas BBQ. Overwhelmed by the array of food choices (which usually happens when there are a lot of food choices), I haphazardly choose chicken and all starch…no vegetables. Although I didn’t eat everything off my plate, I realized after I finally finished the meal that it was not appetizing AT ALL! There is something else I noticed: most of the clientele were overweight –big surprise there!

I haven’t been feeling the best physically, I climb steps and pulled myself with a lot of strength. Last night I was aching all over and after accidentally reading an article that mentioned the symptoms of gout, I realize that I share a lot of them.

So, what does this mean for me? What am I going to do about it? I am slowly making strides, and as the days progress, I see myself slowing, but surely approaching “enough.”