I Celebrate Myself…

When the Hurting Time Begins


Oh, it’s that old Melancholy feeling again
When sadness returns –an old unwelcomed friend
A tireless adversary

Straddled by emotions that sway internally like a pendulum
No hand or caress to hold it still

Succumb you must to tears and sighs
Just you to face the pain inside
When the hurting time begins
When the hurting time…begins


Author: ngalanjala

I Have Learned So much from God That I can no longer Call Myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist, a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself A man, a woman, an angel, Or even pure Soul. Love has Befriended Hafiz so completely It has turned to ash And freed Me Of every concept and image My mind has ever known. ~ Hafiz ~

2 thoughts on “When the Hurting Time Begins

  1. This is a beautiful reflection on that moment in time. Oh how the emotions take us traveling…

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