I Celebrate Myself…

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To Friendship…and Acceptance

I am at work listening to Eva Cassidy’s version of “Bridge over Troubled Waters” and I remember listening to it while traveling on the bus from Boston to New York, three years ago, crying. It is a song filled with honesty and loyalty, and I wanted oh so much for one person in particular to understand how much I wanted to be  there for them…with them.

Last week I had lunch with a friend, and I said that some friends get me and others do not, and he replied, “Why is it so important that the people who do not get you, get you?” I believe part of the lesson of this life is acceptance of others, yourself and just what is.  There are situations that no matter how hard you try will be what they will be. People will see you how they want to see you, and you will be who you will be. There will be people who accept you and love you because you are you and accept your flaws and you theirs. Those relationships are the one that matter in the end, because those are the ones that have a chance to be nurtured and grow.



Speak today in hard Words

Sometimes I feel conflicted about what I write about on my blog. The blog entries are more personal and more often that not, all about me. There are so many things  happening in the world (like this and this) that plague my mind and conversations with friends, that are more about the larger issues affecting us –humanity…and what we do to our surroundings as well, to be frank.

What prompted me to write this particular blog entry was the need to document, in some capacity, the desire to only say/write words that are truthful and healing. Sometimes truth is not the easiest thing to communicate, and sometimes the truth is not always the popular things say or be a part of. However, I hope that  I will walk more in truth.

With that said, I am not sure how my blogs will turn out. More than likely there will remain personal with a splash of current events to color the canvas.


The Heart of the Matter

At the end of the day we must accept that we all are just trying to do our best with the tools that we are given and the lessons learned.

I think I have come to the realization that in this life there will be relationships that stand the test of time regardless of what transpires, and then there will be relationships that last for bouts of time no matter how hard you or the other person try to maintain it.

For the past couple of days I have been working on accepting the reality of relationships that have ended either, voluntarily, or not…or maybe a little of both. Last night I mourned, openly, the passing of significant friendships that are no more. There are some that I have realize are better for me not to be a part of, and then there are others in which others have come to that conclusion. At end of the day it comes down to forgiveness and letting go…

Without need for long discussions or the need to amplify my own growth, I acknowledge the end of what was and embrace the beginning or the continuation of what is.

Wrote this while listening to “The Heart of the Matter” by Indie Arie

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When A Little Bit of Innocence is Lost.

Today my nephew’s pet turtle died. I got the news via BBM (Blackberry Messenger) from my sister. I knew my nephew was really sad — his pet turtle named Nelson passed, and now he has to deal with the reality of death for the first time. I called him as soon as I heard, and his pain was heart wrenching to hear over the phone. I wanted to hold him for as long as he needed, but I was miles away silently crying with him in a corner before needing to give a speech. My pre-speech jitters were overtaken by the instant need to make it all better for my nephew, and to support him on one of his saddest days so far in this life. I felt the urge to say that he is in Turtle Heaven, but that would be a lie for I do not know where Nelson has gone.
So, in the middle of mourning a life, Nelson’s, and mourning the little bit of innocence that has been taken from my nephew (Although I know that kids bounce back pretty quickly from disappointment and pain…better than us grownups at times), I am off to buy my nephew a toy car… per his request.