I Celebrate Myself…

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The Wait

Loneliness often breeds the greatest imagination and forces us to often compromise ourselves just for the sake of not being…alone.
I often think about this compromise when I think about relationships and love. Some years ago I witnessed people whose desires to find true love were overpowered by the fear of being alone. I pray I will always believe that true love will find me, until it does.


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Coming Back to Reality

I’m back and need time to reflect. I find myself wanting to stay in my room and not come out…but also find myself reaching for my smartphone wanting to see what others are doing and using it to write a post.

Coming back from any trip can be a little challenging, especially when it was a vacation where you were carefree and abided by a flexible agenda. Being separated from all things electronic for some time adds to both desires (wanting to be recluse and wanting to connect in some way).

Above all the need to have and live a balanced life screams once again at me. Listening to my body is also important. Right now sleep is very important. I just woke up from a well-needed nap. I came home close to 12am last night and then this morning showed my friend, who traveled with me, around the neighborhood and took her to the train station.

Now I feel the urge to do, and will do some yogic poses that may help ground me after a shower.

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Pura Vida

In Costa Rica, leaving for the states tomorrow…

There were so many highlights from the trip some of them were in the moment frustrating, others were exhilarating. This experience reminds me so much of what my grandma would always say to me, “Girl, you a travela” meaning that I can make it through hard times due to resiliency that a person who frequently travelsĀ has. And I get what you mean grandma, I surely do.

My friend and I traveled to quite a few places in 5 days: Cahuita (Pronounced Ca-wee-ta), Puerto Viejo, Limon and now we are spending our last night in Costa Rica in San Jose.

If you have been to Costa Rica, or know a little bit about the country, you will notice that we stayed quite a bit on the Caribbean side of the country. Most of the people are descendants of Jamaicans who came over as workers over a century ago. As a Jamaican, it was an interesting experience seeing how big of an influence my homeland has made in Costa Rica especially on this side of the country.

There is more to write, but I have to get up early in the morning for my flight. However, here are some highlights that I may talk about in future posts:

1. Getting into Cahuita on the first day, Cahuita

2. Seeing two people I knew growing up, randomly, during my trip, USA and San Jose

3. The Ms. Black Beauty Pageant, Limon

4. Being a black tourist/traveler in a world more used to white tourists/travelers

5. Meeting some of the most amazing people from all the world

6. Using this strange keyboard to write this post. (Not really, but it is indeed very different from what I am used to using)

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How to Be Alone

One of the many positives to having a Facebook account, is every now and again, coming across something that totally makes your day due to a random post by a “friend.” Tanya Davis’ guide to being alone is so witty and true that I couln’t help but post it:

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Wake Up!

I find that when I write my posts, they are often about my own growing pains and internal struggles — trying to be continuously good to myself and to the people around me. This one is a little different:

Throughout American history, there are always people who are targeted for who they are. Today, unfortunately, it is no exception, there are groups who are being targeted and used as scapegoats for an awry of pain that we as Americans are experiencing. In my own city, Latinos are being physically attacked for who they are, anti-Muslim sentiments are at its highest.
For some reason there are people who want to remove diversity from the American quilt.
This opposition to the proposed building of the Islamic Cultural Center blocks away from Ground Zero makes me so sad for a variety of reasons but here are a few:
1. To say building the community center, at that site, is a disrespect to the Americans who died that day (yes, people are saying this), is a disrespect to Muslims Americans who died on 9/11 due to those attacks.
2. These sentiments of hate are reinforcing what terrorist groups have said about America.
3. I am almost positive it would be a different sentiment if it were a Christian community center being proposed.

These reasons are just a few. We often repeat history because fail to acknowledge our wrongs and work to heal. Early 20th century Jewish groups desired to build a place of worship in the Lower East Side and they were turned down. Today, this is happening again, not only in New York City, but across the city.

Even so-called “liberal” friends have been quiet about this. People who claim to be open minded are ignoring this because…I am not sure why to be honest. They who should be infuriated by the current increase in the blatant hate in our country, often say nothing.

Apathy is worst than hate.

When will we ever get it right? When will we be conscious? When will we wake up?