I Celebrate Myself…



Slow down
Do not haste
For I need parts of you to be still
So that I can figure things out

I do not need to be reminded by calendars
And unfinished tasks
Of how much of you I have wasted

With you buzzing by
With my mind often joining you in motion
I become dizzy and confused

Wait, stay here with me
Show me what you have taught others
Who did not take heed to your power
I wish not to be like them

How were my ancestors?
Did they regard you as friend or foe?
Did they eventually make sense of it all
And used you to advance themselves?

Sometimes they speak to me
In dreams
They always seem to be in a space where there is no mention of you
Dancing endlessly as if there is no task, no calendar to remind them of your fleeting presence.

Time, here all that means nothing
You are present yet constantly moving
And I find that I yearn to find some balance with the whirling stillness of you
Not winning nor losing to your power but being — taking no part of you for granted.

Copyright © RNLH 2010


Author: ngalanjala

I Have Learned So much from God That I can no longer Call Myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist, a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself A man, a woman, an angel, Or even pure Soul. Love has Befriended Hafiz so completely It has turned to ash And freed Me Of every concept and image My mind has ever known. ~ Hafiz ~

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  1. Is this your? It’s amazing!

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