I Celebrate Myself…

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Coming to Consciousness

The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a long and painful return to that which has always been.

–Helen Luke

This morning as a part of my devotional I read Mark Nepo’s “Book of Awakening.” It provides daily insights and a great way, I find, to start the day. This morning I got up,stretched, took a shower, made breakfast (including my mandatory tea), lit some candles and found myself with just about five minutes to sit next to my altar and focus on my breath–inhale/exhale…say three ohms, write in my gratitude journal and read the January 3rd entry in Nepo’s book. The above quote began the entry.

Feeling as if that entry and quote needed to be dissected in more time than the five minutes could allow,  I took the book with me on the train and read the one page entry over and over again.

This year I begin another chapter in my life and I felt compelled to start a new blog. However, be it laziness or realization, I decided not to do that for now and instead categorized the entries this year as “The Year of Magical Living”, not sure if that is the most grammatically correct statement, but it will do.

To Life!


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Beginning Anew

Most mornings I begin my day with either writing or thinking about what I am grateful for. Today I am grateful for the oppurtunity to begin anew. Happy New Year People! The beauty of the “New Year” is that there are so many — Chinese, Jewish, Muslim, etc and what those days are (should be) constant reminders that we have a *choice* to realize our greatness (We are grander than we know!) each morning, to leave what’s behind, to renunciate what is not allowing us to be our great selves, our best selves. Here’s to new beginnings…each day.