I Celebrate Myself…

Winter In April

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It’s cold in New York City. It’s also April. Two days ago it was 68 degrees. Currently it’s 32 degrees. This reality is happening all along the East Coast. On Facebook, I saw friends from Albany, DC and other cities posting their complaints about the sudden decline in temperature. I, however, was in denial. I did not believe it would happen in Brooklyn. Even as some people in Manhattan and Queens posted complaints about the snow (yes, snow!) I still held on to the hope that Brooklyn would be spared. Alas, no. I went outside my house to find ice on the steps, on the evergreen (that isn’t looking too green these days) on cars and most of all it was cold– bitter cold.




Author: ngalanjala

I Have Learned So much from God That I can no longer Call Myself A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, A Buddhist, a Jew. The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself A man, a woman, an angel, Or even pure Soul. Love has Befriended Hafiz so completely It has turned to ash And freed Me Of every concept and image My mind has ever known. ~ Hafiz ~

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