I Celebrate Myself…

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I am blessed…

This afternoon, I laid in savasana, the final yogic pose in a yoga session where your body is completely at still, and  I listened to the words of Ben Harpers song, I am Blessed. I have never hard that song before and it was a sweet addition to my day, which I took off.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with a birthday brunch. It was lovely. It wa perfect.  In savasana listening to Ben Harper’s words and the drums playing, I could not resist the tears forming under my closed eyelids. There is no denying the blessings that I have.



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I am reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah and I have found my rhythm… My reading rhythm that is. Here I am reading it after some semi okay Ethiopian Food (man I miss DC!) and reading the book by candlelight because the restaurant is dimly lit for all the romantics (couples). I am loving a book at the moment and it’s name is Americanah and I love the reading grove that I’ve found.

I connect so much to this book, as animmigrant, as a person of African descent who is trying to navigate this racial filled mine field called America and I just love Chimamanda’s lyrical voice in this book and the way she thinks. By the way, please check out her TED talks.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It might sound like a cliche but there are so many things to be thankful for and so I am thankful for so much today and every day. In addition to being thatnkful and spending time with family, Thanksgiving is also about food! 🙂 Below are the things that I am bringing to my parents’ house:

Stew Chicken (with Jamaican and Indian Spices)

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie

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Today, I made the Kale with Potatoes recipe that I saw on the internet last night, and in addition to that, I made eggplant with green peppers in black bean sauce and made some brown rice. It was a fabulous cooking experience: every time I thought of a new ingredient, it was at my fingertips. Gotta love it.

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Tasty Tuesdays!

Part of my cooperative responsibilities is to cook for the house once a week. For the summer, my nights are Tuesdays. There are many things that I love about my house, but the kitchen is on the top of my list. I love not only the size (it’s huge!), but also being fully stocked with spices –from all over the world — and also having every cooking tool needed hasn’t been bad either.

It has always pleased me to cook. It has always pleased me to cook for people. Cooking for the house joins both pleasures and added even more. Tomorrow, or might I say today, I plan on making a recipe I found online after trying to find a great kale recipe. We have a great deal of kale in the fridge (and in the garden that needs to be harvested soon) and I wanted to use it became too bad to eat and literally end up in the compost bin. So, after browsing a couple of recipes on a few sites, I came across this one: Indian Spiced Kale with potatoes — Yum!

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Living, Laughing, Sharing…Being

It’s 1:25, are you asleep? My mind is a big blur after staying up and laughing with the housemates and going through a house book (our form of communication between housemates) that dated during the time of Reagan. There are house books dating 30 years ago! The funny thing is, a large part of the entry was centered around food and cleaning issues, what house isn’t?! We then played two rounds of Banana Grahams –the free spirited child of Scrabbles.
It’s 1:30, I am sleepy and I need to take a shower before bed, but life is good and even better when you have people in your life with whom to share the fun.