I Celebrate Myself…

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Wrote this today on Facebook and decided to share:

“While I am sitting here at my desk, I am not ignorant of the fact that there are millions of people fighting for respect and freedom. While I am here doing a task riddled with monotony, I am conscious of the children who might be scared right now, or who are hungry. This of course is nothing new, pain has been existence for a long time but in this moment I acknowledge the connection…”

When I wrote this, I think, after I just happened to take a glimpse at the New York Times to see if there were any updates and I saw people filling the streets of Lybia, Bahrain and Iraq protesting and I became in that moment in awe of where I was. I was grateful for so much but recognized the connection, the connection, the connection. What is going on in the Middle East and Northern African Countries is no different from Selma, Alabama in the 60’s, or the Salt March in the 30’s.  I am thankful for those who came before me who allowed for me to be able to sit here and just type these words listening to Joao Gilberto but I am still connected to those who cannot find solace and I send my energies to all who wish to be free. To ALL who wish to be free.


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Moment of Clarity

Often we are able to connect the dots in our romantic relationships, e.g. all the men in my life have sent me mixed messages or all the women in my life loved my money more than they loved me. However, I think that only analyzing romantic relationships is narrow minded. Taking ALL types of relationships into consideration is important to recognize the room for growth in those relationships and within yourself.

I have spent some time looking at my romantic relationships and connected the dots. Today, I connected the dots in my platonic relationships and realized that there were similar things that carried over.

Let me be the first say that I recognize my role in all of those relationships. Right now, I am just thankful for the clarity.

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